Building Management

Traditionally, building management tasks have necessitated the coordination of booking forms, spreadsheets, emails, paper calendars, and other documents. Taskflo investigated all of a Building Manager’s responsibilities and created a solution that allows all tasks to be managed in one location. This has been a key differentiator for building managers.

The Problem &
The Taskflo Solution

As building managers of a big apartment complex, we were faced with a slew of manual duties that had to be handled on a regular basis. Coordination of cleaners and tradespeople, interactions with residents, reservation of common facilities, asset management and the daily influx of parcels was a headache. We decided to try an online software solution to handle each of the processes, but rapidly realised that it was just a location to store information and it was still up to us to to use manual processes. Then we tried Taskflo. What a difference. The system was less expensive than other market solutions, but it was significantly more comprehensive. We can now manage all aspects of the building from a single platform. What an excellent solution.

Our App

Contractor Risk and Compliance

Contractors’ compliance is monitored by the Taskflo system. For each state, Taskflo has APIs into ASIC for ABN, GST, and Fair Trading entities. Everything is done in real time. A contractor cannot be booked if they are not in compliance.


Create reports for committees and owners using custom colours and designs to match your building or community.

Planned Work Orders

Planned work orders are sent directly from the platform, eliminating the need for an additional external email. The entire process is automated, including offering, scheduling, reminders, rescheduling, communications to keep everyone informed, and continuous updates and live tracking.

Contractor Quotes

This one-of-a-kind Taskflo quoting feature ensures that all requests, approvals, and work monitoring are automated and recorded in one place.

Planned Preventative Management

Task scheduling and management, task allocation, tracking and audits, task approval, batching and payment, and integration with a convenient task management app are all included.

Key Register

The ability to track the status of keys, fobs, remotes, and other items in real-time and identify who is currently in possession and when they received the item from building management.

Site Inspections &
Incident Reporting

Ability to create custom inspection templates for performance management, identifying risks and related issues, creating defect reports, and raising work orders on the fly.

Asset Management

Taskflo’s features include an asset register, condition and assessment reporting, forecasting and budgeting, live asset tracking and reporting, and asset performance management.

Owner Document Management

Capture all owner information and provide each owner with a portal to upload and update critical information, review and store warranty documents and owner’s manuals, and report service requests and defects.

The Taskflo Marketplace

The marketplace serves as a centralised source of prequalified contractors, reducing the time and resources required to prequalify contractors and maintain their currency.

Bond Management

You can use Taskflo to make bond payments for tenants if you work with building management.


Links to contractors’ and owners’ calendars, as well as Google and Apple calendars Use the calendar to schedule work, inspections, and so on.

Shared Common Area Bookings

Booking common areas online is simple and time efficient. There’s no need for paper booking sheets, and there’s no risk of double-booking. The building manager has given his approval to everything.

Parcel Management

The concierge can sign for these packages and provide notifications to residents when a parcel arrives, as well as API connections to delivery providers to automate reminders and notifications.

Document Library

With simple share rules, you can store all building data and share it with residents, owners, strata managers, and contractors.

Electronic Public Display Boards for building foyers

A visually appealing and informative foyer display for residents and visitors.

Shift Log for tracking
staff shifts

Staff can log their hours worked, track their movements during their shift, and report to management.

Case management

Identify and report on issues, keep track of notes, images, and details pertaining to the issue, report on each case, and add a quote request and/or work order to the case to rectify the issue raised.