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Task Management Simplified!

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, the key to unlocking productivity and achieving success lies in effective task management. Taskflo not only comprehends the nuances of overseeing tasks across diverse business units but also offers a groundbreaking solution. Our integrated system revolutionises task management by simplifying the process through a one-to-many methodology meticulously crafted to eliminate intricacies. This streamlined approach proves essential in upholding seamless workflow operations. Furthermore, Taskflo’s innovative methodology facilitates the rapid origination, assignment, and monitoring of tasks, thereby nurturing transparency and accountability across the entire organisation.

Aged Care Specific Workflow Example

Industry Specific Workflow

Taskflo understands the importance of industry-specific workflows in addressing the unique needs of our clients. That’s why each module offered by Taskflo comes with a tailored workflow that is specifically designed to cater to the requirements of the respective industry. These workflows are built upon industry best practices and can be further customised to align with our clients’ specific business processes and preferences. 

TaskFlo’s flexible platform allows for easy configuration, enabling clients to adapt and personalise the workflows to suit their individual needs. By providing industry-specific workflows that can be tailored to our clients’ requirements, Taskflo ensures a seamless integration of our solution into their existing systems, resulting in improved productivity, efficiency, and overall success in their respective industries.

Our Core Modules

An all-in-one intelligent CMMS to help you manage cases, quotes, work orders, planned tasks, asset management, communications and much more.

An all-in-one Safety management system that manages incidents, hazards, risk, tasks, work request, inspections & audits, e-learning, document, licenses & certification management and much more.

Providing workforce management, Contractor verification, management & “live” monitoring of employee & contractor license, qualifications, insurance, banking, ABN & GST. Contractor capability profile, employee and subcontractor verification. Check-in and compliance validation.

Providing Contractor prequalification services that include audit of compliance systems, WHS procedures and requirements, live desktop WHS audits & on-site application audits & we assess and verify contractor’s compliance to client standards.

One Ecosystem

Taskflo is the only Ecosystem that integrates Computerised Maintenance Management, Work Health & Safety Management, Workforce & Verification and Contractor Management!

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Welcome to Taskflo, the all-in-one software solution that streamlines your maintenance, safety, and workforce management needs. We are a team of dedicated professionals committed to providing you with the most effective tools to manage your business operations with ease.

At Taskflo, we understand the importance of maintaining a safe, efficient, and productive workplace. That’s why we’ve created a comprehensive software platform that combines Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS), Work Health and Safety (WHS), Workforce Management, and Contractor Management into one user-friendly package.

Integration Matters!

Taskflo, founded in 2015, offers a comprehensive solution that integrates CMMS, WHS and Contractor Management functionalities into one simple to use yet very powerful platform. This integration enables organisations to manage all aspects of their maintenance, safety, and contractor management activities in a seamless and efficient manner.

The integration of these functionalities matters because it provides organisations with a holistic view of their operations, helping them to optimise their resources, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. With Taskflo, organisations can track maintenance activities, manage safety incidents, and oversee contractor compliance, all within a single platform.

This integration also enables organisations to identify and address potential risks more effectively. By having access to real-time data, organisations can quickly identify areas that require attention and prioritise their efforts accordingly. This results in a safer and more secure work environment, reduced downtime, and improved overall operational efficiency.


Aged Care

We provide an integrated solution for CMMS, WHS and contractor management, which enables efficient and effective management of facilities, equipment, safety compliance and contractor workflows, ultimately leading to improved resident care and quality of life.


The automations and processes provided by Taskflo will benefit those in charge of facility maintenance at educational institutions. This centralised online solution saves time and money while lowering risk and ensuring compliance.

Facilities Management

We provide a comprehensive solution for CMMS, WHS and contractor management, which enables streamlined maintenance and repair workflows, ensures compliance, resulting in improved performance and reduced operational costs.


We ensure verification, through robust contractor management features that enable thorough evaluation of contractor qualifications, certifications and compliance with safety and security requirements, ultimately contributing to the overall effectiveness and safety of defence operations.


We provide a comprehensive CMMS solution that streamlines maintenance workflows, ensures compliance with safety regulations, and enables proactive equipment maintenance, ultimately improving patient care and safety while reducing operational costs.


We provide a powerful WHS solution that enables proactive management of safety risks, streamlines incident reporting and investigation, and ensures compliance with safety regulations, ultimately enhancing worker safety and reducing the likelihood of costly workplace accidents or injuries.


We provide a powerful defect management app that enables easy identification and reporting of defects, streamlined workflows for defect resolution, and real-time monitoring of defect status, ultimately improving construction quality, reducing rework and delays, and enhancing client satisfaction.


Staying compliant and risk-averse is a priority and Taskflo manages this for you. Through the WHS Management module and Contractor Compliance, you can be assured you are covered.


Our WHS and CMMS enables efficient management of rail infrastructure and assets, ensures compliance with safety regulations, streamlines maintenance workflows, and reduces downtime, ultimately contributing to improved safety, reliability, and cost-effectiveness of rail operations.


Our CMMS enables streamlined maintenance and repair workflows, providing real-time equipment status and performance data, and simplifying inventory and asset management, ultimately improving building performance and reducing operational costs.


Taskflo's automations and processes will benefit those in charge of community facilities. This online centralised solution saves time and money while lowering risk and ensuring compliance.


Buildings, complexes, townhouses, and communities will all benefit from Taskflo automations and processes. Saving strata communities time and money while minimising risk and ensuring compliance.

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