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Taskflo’s workforce management solutions empower organisations to optimise productivity, minimize risks, and ensure compliance. Streamline processes, verify qualifications, and manage your workforce with ease. With real-time monitoring and verification capabilities, customisable contractor and employee profiles, and compliance validation checks, Taskflo provides the support you need to achieve operational excellence. Taskflo’s workforce management solutions help you make the most of your resources and empower your workforce to achieve success.

Why Taskflo Workforce Management?

Welcome to Taskflo, the ultimate workforce management solution for businesses of all sizes. Our comprehensive software offers a range of features designed to help businesses manage the on-boarding of employees and contractors more efficiently. With our suite of tools, you can streamline your on-boarding processes and get your new employees and contractors up to speed quickly.

Our employee and contractor on-boarding and verification tools make it easy to manage the entire process, from screening to final approval. Our document management system ensures that all necessary documents are kept in one place and easily accessible. Our e-learning platform provides a flexible and convenient way for employees and contractors to complete their training requirements.

With Taskflo’s check-in and compliance validation checks, you can rest assured that your contractors are always compliant with regulations and ready to start work. Plus, our hazard reviews ensure that your contractors are properly trained to identify and mitigate potential risks on the job.

By using Taskflo’s comprehensive workforce management software, you can save time, reduce administrative tasks, and improve compliance. Our intuitive platform is easy to use and customisable to fit your unique needs. We offer 24/7 support and a dedicated customer success team to ensure that you get the most out of our software.

Join the growing list of businesses who have experienced the benefits of Taskflo’s workforce management software. Don’t let on-boarding and compliance issues slow you down. Trust in Taskflo to streamline your workforce management processes and improve your operational efficiency. Get started with our free trial today and see the difference Taskflo can make for your business!

Taskflo provides all the tools and features to ensure your workforce electronically sign-off to acknowledge their compliance with company policies, procedures, and regulations. Monitor employee credentials, qualifications, recruitment documentation and licenses, track employee competencies, training and certifications, and assign and track compliance tasks. Taskflo also provides real-time notifications and alerts to ensure your workforce remains compliant at all times.

Taskflo is an end-to-end contractor management platform to allow you to easily manage your contractor’ compliance requirements with statutory and organisational requirements with absolute ease. It includes automated contractor verification of GST, ABN, contractor licenses and insurances, as well as real-time compliance monitoring with safety and environmental laws and regulations, assessing contractor capabilities and performance, and maintaining up-to-date records.

Taskflo provides a single platform to manage student and volunteer compliance requirements, such as tracking documents, credentials, qualifications, and certifications, monitoring compliance with competency, safety and regulatory standards. Taskflo helps ensure that volunteers and students are engaged safely and they comply with relevant laws and regulations, enabling not-for-profit organisations, sporting clubs, childcare, healthcare, and youth activities to operate more efficiently and effectively.

The Taskflo platform integrates learning and competency management to improve workforce skills and productivity. Offering an intuitive interface that allows employees to set goals, identify skill gaps, and access personalised training content. Taskflo’s competency management system enables organisations to define job roles, skills, and competency requirements, and assess employee performance against them. This data helps managers identify skill gaps and develop targeted training programs to improve employee proficiency.

About Taskflo Workforce Management

Are you struggling to manage your workforce efficiently? Or  are looking for some “Lite” Verification assistance? With Taskflo Workforce Management, you can self-manage your employee and contractor onboarding process yourself or have our expert WHS management team do this for you and ensure that all employees and contractors are properly trained, compliant with regulations, and ready to start work. Our software offers a range of features designed to help businesses manage the onboarding of employees and contractors more efficiently.

Taskflo provides a hassle-free onboarding experience for employees and contractors. With our document management features, you can easily store and manage important documents, such as contracts and certifications, in one centralised location. Our e-learning modules enable your workforce to learn and train remotely, at their own pace, and we offer check-in capabilities to ensure that they are on-site and ready to start work.

Our automated compliance checks and user managed hazard reviews help ensure that your workforce is safe and compliant with relevant laws and regulations. With Taskflo, you can also monitor workforce performance and track time and attendance in real-time, giving you complete visibility into your workforce’s activities.

Taskflo Workforce Management also offers a range of reporting and analytics features to help you make data-driven decisions and optimise your workforce. You can generate customised reports on employee and contractor performance, compliance status, and more, enabling you to identify areas for improvement and make informed decisions.

Don’t settle for an inefficient workforce management system. Switch to Taskflo today and take advantage of our comprehensive features and tools to streamline your operations and boost productivity. Contact us now to learn more about how Taskflo can transform your workforce management processes!

Workforce Management Key Modules

Task Management

Taskflo's user-friendly interface and robust features enable users to easily create, assign, and prioritise tasks, set deadlines and reminders, track progress, and assign inspections, cases, quotes work order all in one platform. Managing teams and tracking performance has never been easier!

Document Compliance

Taskflo provides a centralised location for storing and managing all documents related to employee and contractor onboarding, including contracts, certifications, licenses, and other relevant documentation. Taskflo provides reporting and analytics features, allowing businesses to generate customised reports on employee and contractor compliance status, making it easy to identify and address compliance issues.

Policy Sign Off

Taskflo helps businesses ensure that their employees and contractors have read and understood company policies and procedures. This feature enables businesses to create customised policies and procedures that are tailored to their specific needs and requirements. Employees and contractors can then review and sign-off on these policies and procedures electronically.

Timekeeping Management

With Taskflo, businesses can automate timekeeping tasks, such as tracking hours worked, managing time-off requests, and monitoring overtime. Taskflo offers real-time reporting and analytics features that enable businesses to generate customised reports on employee and contractor timekeeping activities, helping to identify areas for improvement and optimise workforce management.

E-Learning Management

Taskflo offers a comprehensive e-learning platform to help businesses train and educate their workforce. Our platform includes a range of courses on topics such as safety, compliance, and skills development, all designed to help employees improve their knowledge and skills. With Taskflo e-learning, businesses can easily create customised training programs that are tailored to their specific needs and requirements.

Competency Assessment

Taskflo offers a robust competency assessment feature that enables businesses to evaluate the skills and knowledge of their contractors and employees. The feature helps to identify any gaps in the required competencies and provides a clear understanding of the areas that need improvement.

Staff Surveys

Taskflo offers a user-friendly platform for conducting staff surveys and gathering feedback from employees. Our software enables businesses to create custom surveys, distribute them to staff members, and analyse the results to gain valuable insights into employee satisfaction and engagement.

Employee Compliance

Taskflo Employee Compliance is a feature that allows businesses to monitor and manage employee compliance with relevant policies, procedures, and regulations. It streamlines compliance tracking and reporting, enabling businesses to ensure that their employees are meeting their compliance obligations.

Student Compliance

Taskflo offers a comprehensive solution for managing student compliance requirements in educational institutions. With Taskflo's software, educational institutions can automate the compliance tracking process, streamline workflows, and ensure that all students are meeting the necessary compliance standards.

Volunteer Management

Taskflo's Volunteer Management module provides organizations with a comprehensive solution for managing their volunteer programs. It streamlines the volunteer application and approval process, tracks volunteer hours and activities, and provides reports for analysis and compliance purposes.

Lone Worker Management

Taskflo's Lone Worker Management is designed to ensure the safety of employees who work alone by providing them with a means of communication and a way to raise the alarm in the event of an emergency. It also includes features such as GPS tracking and check-ins to help employers monitor the location and status of their lone workers in real-time.


Taskflo's Alerts & Notifications feature allows businesses to set up automated alerts and notifications to keep them informed of important events, such as safety incidents or contract expirations. This helps businesses stay on top of critical issues and take prompt action when necessary.

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