Why a WHS Management Systems is Essential

WHS Management

Work health and safety management systems are essential and play an important role in creating and maintaining a safe work environment. Implementing a WHS management system, reduces incidents and hazards in the workplace and protecting employees from potential injuries. WHS management software systems, such as Taskflo WHS Management Software, provide organisations with the ability to […]

Why use Incident Management Software

Incident management software is a crucial tool for organizations of all sizes. It helps to keep track of incidents, prioritize and manage them effectively, and provide a unified view of the organization’s incident response process. In addition, incident management software can automate many of the tedious tasks involved in managing an incident, such as tracking […]

Why use Computerised Maintenance Management

What is a CMMS? A computerised maintenance management system, or CMMS for short, is a piece of software that helps organisations manage their maintenance operations. The system stores data on all the assets in an organisation’s maintenance inventory, as well as information on past and current maintenance tasks. This data can be used to generate […]

Understanding Contractor Risk & Compliance

WHS Management

According to Australian Work Health and Safety legislation, a business is responsible for maintaining the health and safety of its employees as well as not endangering the health and safety of others. When it comes to engaging contractors, this expectation of compliance is equally crucial.